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When the relevant association for Information and Communications Technology of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland entrusts you with a mandate for a redesign of its website, one can only be proud of it.

We met ated ICT Ticino in 2015 during an event organised with them at the UBS building in Manno.
Right from the beginning, there was an excellent feeling between us, the general manager Cristina Giotto and their president Ennio Bernardi as the energies brought to the table by Ated immediately proved to be very proactive, valuable and engaging with regard to all the topics dealt with by the Association.

We have gradaully grown ever closer and in tune with each other, not only in terms of values but also in trying to bring innovation to the Canton of Ticino. At a certain point in time, the opportunity arose to carry out an analysis of their old website in order to evaluate possible margins for improvement that the Association could make by redesigning their site.

In 2016, we were chosen by the Association to build a new website for them. Fabio remembers it like this: ""I still remember those days well because we had carefully read the statute of ated ICT Ticino several times. It was not easy to define a navigation tree for the website in the design phase. The volcanic spirit of the Association was greatly useful and challenging throughout the website redesign.""

Today, despite its age, we believe that ated ICT Ticino is still a very modern website. As long as the right tools and devices are used, it can certainly remain competitive and pleasantly navigable by users for years to come.

Our thanks, for giving us the opportunity to support the Association in its web activities, go in particular to Cristina Giotto, Ennio Bernardi and Daniele Menotti, the current president of Ated.


Convert an old frame-created website into a modern one that is able to contain all the material produced by the Association.


Given the enormous amount of material that was to be made visible, the first concept was to produce an editorial cut, the shape of which changed slightly over time but optimized the display of the content.


Despite its age, the Association was able to completely turn around its presence on the net with its new website. Through the administration panel created specifically for ated, the Association was able to upload and share an enormous amount of content.
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ated ICT Ticino
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