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Web Analytics

Study user behaviour on your website

Have you ever wondered if your site is really valued by users and which sections attract their attention the most? This fantastic tool can answer your questions and find out what kind of behaviour users who visit your site exhibit.

In fact, by connecting this software to your website you're able to track the movements of individual users as they navigate by creating so-called heatmaps, or rather, heat zones where users linger most, thus clearly showing they are focusing their attention on a particular product or service you offer in a specific section of your site.

This is not sufficient, though. It's also important to know how to interpret heatmaps with the aim of defining a new website structure that is able to optimize conversions or create leads.

Discover your users

Why do users leave your website?

Hotjar allows you to identify your website's strengths and weaknesses. What problems may a user have encountered while browsing your site? Which sections or content led them to leaving the site? Hotjar answers all these questions and gives you the information you need to make the right changes and make your site perform better.

Understand your users

Why is Hotjar so important to use?

Understanding the behaviour of users who browse a company's website is a crucial step in optimizing user experience. You have to accompany users on their journey from the discovery of your company's product or service to their decision to purchase it or get in contact with you. Identifying your website's strengths and weaknesses helps to correctly position products and information which you want to give greater visibility to. Are you still wondering why it's so important? Contact us and we'll demonstrate this tool's infinite potential to you.

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