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Our team is made up of professionals who are always ready to field both their skills and professionalism for your Brand. We are a winning team that focuses on the synergy of our various departments and the total collaboration of our agency's internal and external resources: every time clients sign a new contract, they become part of our team. First and foremost, our team of professionals is made up of people with their own characteristics and distinctive features that make them unique from both a human and professional point of view. For us, in addition to professionals, it is man who makes the real difference.


Life for me is a set of experiences that evolve hand-in-hand with human beings.
My passion for art, the sea and food sensitively connects me to everything related to nature and its inhabitants. One day a friend of mine told me: ""if I had to use a Latin expression to describe you, it would be Homo Faber"".
In looking this word up in a dictionary I found the following definition:

Man as an architect, capable of creating, building, transforming the environment and the reality in which he lives.


I'm Valentina. I love music and art, as well as good food and good wine. I love beauty in all its forms and Paris is my favourite city. I am fortunate to have spent most of my life living in places with unique beautiful surroundings. Lake Como has been my home for several years now and I love taking long walks with my dog - I'm always fascinated by what surrounds me, as if it were the first time. I always like to see the constructive side of things, as well as teachings that are hidden behind situations that seem too complex or seemingly negative. This is the approach that I also adopt in my work, where I try to bring added value to the company, as well as a smile, even on the most "difficult" of days.

I love working at Organica because I am able to express my skills at the service of the different challenges that the market offers us every day.


I really believe that computer science and, more specifically, the internet is one of my greatest passions; being able to have access to a world of people and information has always fascinated me. I consider myself lucky that my job is my passion. Of course, as with everything in life, the right balance is needed - in order not to overdo it with the computer, I dedicate myself to the mountains and fishing, but above all to the discovery of uncontaminated places, which are abundant in Switzerland.


Those who don't change gear and don't speak to strangers die slowly. This means we must live the present serenely and enjoy it with our family, as well as with loved ones and on a professional level. Never should we lose sight of the fact that tomorrow we want to be better than we were today, by listening to new ideas and trying out new ways. This is why I love reading, traveling and taking long walks in nature. Another great passion of mine is doing sports with friends, especially playing tennis and football with them.

When it comes to the work I do, I always try to find new and more effective solutions to propose to companies with which we collaborate, thanks to the interaction with various stakeholders and the experience I have gained; this allows me to approach projects with enthusiasm and continuity, guaranteeing growth to companies whilst aiming for mutual satisfaction.


Any obsatcle can be overcome with a smile and positivity, and you feel good about both yourself and others in doing so. This is my philosophy. I am an active, sporty person who loves the outdoor life. I like skiing, climbing and mountain biking and the free time I have is spent with my family in the open air. Another thing I can't do without is traveling. Thanks to my travels, I have learned to respect the various cultures and the planet that hosts us.

I like to work in a creative and stimulating environment like that of Organica for it allows me to put in 100% of my effort, as well as express my personality in the design and development of unique websites.


"Not following a trend is also a trend". In my opinion, experimenting with new things is what shapes an individual's personality - staying in the same context and being surrounded by things we already know doesn't lead us anywhere and doesn't make us evolve as people. My passions are: Anime, Videogames, cooking and every form of visual communication, especially if I can create or modify as part of my profession. I have been playing videogames for several years; they constitute my main hobby which sometimes turns into a kind of job, especially as I have collaborated with one of the top 10 groups worldwide. I'm still a beginner in the kitchen, but I'm sure Gordon Ramsey's cutting skills will help me improve my skills!

My job satisfaction doesn't only come from completing necessary tasks, but also playing a productive and collaborative part in creating something unique and original in the final forms of visual communication, and this is what Organica allows me to do.


I believe that pleasures and passions are the lifeblood of every person, fondness towards others an indispensable element that completes individuals, and duty is what ennobles them. Among the passions that distinguish me are travel, a fountain of knowledge and inspiration for my creativity that I express through writing and painting. In addition to the physical discovery of places, I love to travel around the world through culinary experiences that are typical of each country, which is why I am also passionate about cooking traditional and exotic dishes.

My professional satisfaction comes from working in the field of communication, in all its forms, and working for Organica is an opportunity to experiment with new expressive languages, to learn about new tools and express my true potential at the service of companies.


Two phrases to describe myself and that unify my way of understanding passions and work? Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto, nothing of what is human is foreign to me, of Terenzio. When it comes to communication, we are talking about man with all his facets. I like to think that it is possible to reconcile the communicative aspects with those of ethics: this is why when I think about communicating in the right way, I don't mean the adjective only as correct but also as good in the moral sense of the word.

As a second sentence, I like to quote Gorgia, the word is a great dominator: it reflects my belief in attention to detail, attention to the flow that from the idea leads to the concretization in terms of language. I apply this movement between philosophy, language and poetry also to the SEO activity, which I deal with for the agency: I combine the technical side with the more humanistic side with a fusion that, allow me to say it, can be summed up in the keyword Organica.


My main vocation is to be an artist: for me this means tackling every activity as if I had to produce a work of art. I am passionate about creativity, communication and the poetry of the image, as much as analytical thinking. I love to think strategically, it makes me feel a bit like a Japanese shogun who, through meticulous preparation, aims for the certainty of victory, even before entering the battlefield.

Working with Organica makes me feel very at ease: I find the space for creativity, as well as trust in my ideas, being able to combine creativity and analysis, to offer innovative and effective strategies.


I like to think that the world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and to run the risk of living their dreams. My favourite instrument for dreaming is the cinema. I am fascinated by being able to tell a story using images, lights and music. It is a wonderful way of letting loose my creativity.

Working in the field of communication gives me the opportunity to create new stories every day with many different means of doing so. Thanks to Organica, I'm learning how to use new tools in order to produce more captivating communication.


Hi, I'm Mirlinda. I love to think of life as an infinite source of possibilities to always look at with joy and optimism. I believe that every event on our path happens for a reason and I feel lucky because every obstacle encountered has changed me for the better and made me happy and proud of everything I have done and have. What fills my heart with love are my three children. I also have a great passion for walks surrounded by nature which help me a lot to relax body and mind.

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