What do we do

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
Neale Donald Walsch

A journey together

Each project is a new journey of shopping together.

We love to travel at Organica. For us, a journey is synonymous with personal enrichment, inner evolution, growth and change. A journey is not just physical, but also the beginning of a new experience, a project, or a relationship that has just taken its first steps or has already been consolidated over time. Each new project is like a unique motivating challenge that arises before us, which makes us even richer than the day before. They are also 'promoters' of important change for our clients and their companies. We put our heart into all the projects we face and we do it walking side by side with our clients, in order to accompany them and make them feel safe as they go on a journey of digital innovation.

A proven team

Our professionals, our clients ... one team!

We are a web agency based in Lugano. We specialize in web marketing and boast a team of professionals with decades of experience behind them, each with their own set of skills, ideas and specialties. We are ready to offer you tailor-made digital marketing solutions for you and your company. We have the best programmers, developers, SEO specialists, social media managers, content strategists and copy-writers, expert video makers and 3d animators in Ticino. We are all ready to use our professionalism to optimize your online presence with high quality sites, user friendly CMSs, as well as carry out advertising campaigns and social communication designed for your target audience.


Our motto? Being unique, for unique clients.

We do not recognize the added value of photocopy projects. Our proposals are based on a personalized analysis of your Brand, your business and your reference sector. This is why we consider each new project unique and unrepeatable. We build client-centric web marketing activities, like a tailor-made formal dress but in digital format. This doesn't mean we don't learn from previous experiences, successes and mistakes. We also know how to get a real feel for your unique characteristics, as well as the particular needs of your prospects and the potential of your business, in order to make your journey of innovation a concrete reality of success.

Innovation and experience

Looking to the future, with the experience of the past.

Whatever journey you have chosen to go on, whether it be a long-term project or a one-off collaboration, we will support and accompany you in your new business experience. We like to guarantee reliability and win the trust of our clients to create a stable and lasting relationship, regardless of the type and duration of the project. We take care of your business plans as if they were our own, and do so by putting all our skills to use, whilst always staying up-to-date with the latest marketing news. We dominate the present by taking advantage of the experience of the past while focusing on the future ... and we also offer you excellent coffee! Are you not sure whether you believe it? See for yourself and come and try it!

Our services for your website

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