Facebook and Instagram Ads

Multiply the visibility of your Brand on social networks


Grow and keep the Facebook page active.
Organica knows all the steps necessary to give life to the page and make it grow naturally in terms of the number of fans and engagement: from Facebook Ads campaigns with ads to promote the page, to apps to attract potential customers.

In our offices you will find both strategically prepared project managers and expert programmers of Facebook, a social network that often changes its advertising and programming rules.


How can I speak to a target audience?

Remarketing campaigns are a perfect strategy for e-commerce and in general for all websites that aim to achieve a "conversion", that is, a purchase by the visitor. This strategy aimn to obtain excellent results and to identify an audience predisposed to contact with the Brand and conversion.


What results can I get from Facebook Ads campaigns?

In order for this innovative strategy to be effective and guarantee important results at low costs, a professional approach is required, such as the one that our web agency in Lugano can offer. We are able to carry out high-level advertising campaigns on Facebook, which ensure business growth even in the short term. If you want to speak to our specialists, please contact us.

Do you want to carry out your new project?

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