A SEO analysis made for AGE fills you with energy.

We were contacted by the Director of the company to carry out an audit and an SEO check in order to evaluate the work of the agency that had originally created the website for AGE.

The entire analysis of the website took 3 weeks due to its nature, as well as the traffic, the different types of content and the navigation tree of a website that had not been designed by us. It was a real pleasure to work with the company management because we came across people with great expertise and who were attentive to a whole series of ""generation Z"" issues. As already mentioned in the subtitle, this filled us with a great deal of positive energy. We are very happy with the output that we were able to generate from the initial presentation we made directly to the Client.

The Client was satisfied and we just have to congratulate the Company for the innovative spirit and care expressed in trying to offer its users the utmost attention in terms of usability and performance. We thank AGE for having chosen us for this service of ours.



Analyse a website that had not been created by us.


Having created a report, we highlighted potential problems to overcome. Not only did we stress the importance of the issues at hand, we also defined a step-by-step method of solutions.


A simple, comprehensible and functional report was created.
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