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Why did we create a Facebook page?

  • To sell through targeted campaigns
  • Brand awarness
  • To build a valuable community
  • To bring traffic to the website
  • To share the articles of our magazine
  • To drive traffic to our Instagram and YouTube channels
  • To transfer know-how through our training courses
  • To keep an eye on the competition 😉

For us, Facebook's platform has contributed more than any other to the birth of Social Media Marketing, and for this reason alone we ought to be grateful.

Due to the evolution of Instagram, combined with the increase in the performance of our smartphone cameras, this social network is gradually abandoning the role of leader it enjoyed for several years.

Unfortunately, every now and then we come across companies that ask themselves: "But is it still worth investing in Facebook? Nobody goes there anymore!"

In response to this statement, we feel we can say the following: "It is a social media platform thas has the highest number of subscribers in the world and is constantly growing.

Unfortunately, in recent years this algorithm has greatly reduced organic performance, so if in its early years only one editorial calendar was enough to obtain excellent results, now you have to have "two": one for posts and another for ad campaigns.

And it is precisely on Fb ads that this social network is able to bring about incredible results - the level of targeting that can be achieved thanks to campaign profiling is extraordinary.

On the one hand this excites us, on the other we ask ourselves: "Dear Mark, will you use this immense power in the right way?"

And you, how about following us to find out how it'll pan out?

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