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LinkedIn is the platform that we at Organica use for:

  • Building a valuable community
  • Brand awarness
  • Recruiting
  • Transfering know-how thanks to our training courses
  • Sales through profiled leads
  • Our ongoing training
  • Contacting us
  • Building partnerships

These eight points give rise to the following question: "why LinkedIn?" We at Organica gladly invest our resources into the continuous experimentation of this extraordinary social media platform.

To date, it is one of the multimedia platforms that still maintains a fairly generous algorithm from an organic point of view. That's why we are more than happy to share our content in order to create the necessary interaction to communicate with you.

With the hope that LinkedIn maintains or improves its viral properties when it comes to spreading content, we are able to recommend suitable investments to all those companies wishing to evolve, even if only one of the eight points listed above is invested in.

Follow us on our page, by sharing your comments - shall we grow together?

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