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Why did Organica create its own YouTube channel?

  • To acquire new clients thanks to organic flotation and targeted campaigns
  • To affirm its leadership on the market
  • To build a valuable community
  • To bring traffic to the website
  • To make our magazine known
  • Brand Awarness!
  • Because facts are worth more than small talk
  • Because we are #DigitalBeHuman and if you don't communicate it with a video then what kind of a human are you?
  • There are many more whys but you'll find out later on 😉

If you want to come up with a perfect machine in digital marketing, YouTube would be the answer!

A little bit of a search Engine and a little bit of social media. There's nothing better for those who do our job.

IThe secret to winning as a protagonist on this platform is energy. If the subject of the video is supported by excellent loading speeds, in addition to being accompanied by great content, success is guaranteed!

The secret is a mix of targets - objectives - consistency - value - resources and the market.
It's not easy, we know. In fact, we have taken up a challenge set by our founder, which will expose ourselves to the real test bed of our sector.

Our channel is used as an internal experimentation platform that is able to represent a constant case study for those who will gladly follow us.

What are you waiting for? Haven't you subscribed to the channel yet?

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