Instagram and Organica: how did this relationship come to be?

  • To express our essence in multiple languages
  • To expand our market
  • To build a valuable community
  • To bring traffic to our website
  • Brand awarness
  • To acquire clients through targeted campaigns
  • To be inspired and build new trends

If Instagram were a political party, today it would have the greatest rise in popularity polls.

For us, this platform is able to express our potential through: visual, copy, campaigns, videos and web analytics. Many companies want to allocate part of their investments on this platform but our experience tells us that this social network is not suitable for everyone.

If you were a vertical B2B, you would probably have other platforms available before you let yourself be won over by Instagram. On the other hand, when it comes to B2Cs, it could be a great opportunity to acquire new potential clients.

Great for communicating and engaging your users with "day-by-day" stories, extraordinarily effective for creating engagement through videos and campaigns that are second to none!

There's one negative thing, though: on a social level it's creating a bit of confusion between "appearing" and "being".

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