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Beyond the image, beyond the content: the new star of the web is the video

Photos / Videos

Tell your company with a professional video

We live in the era of images and videos. Immediacy is essential and originality, clarity and quality of images and frames are at the top of the checklist to attract the user's attention effectively.

We have expert video makers and screenwriters specialized in the production of corporate corporate videos, commercials, video contests, cartoons and 360 ° interactive tours suitable for TV, cinema and all channels available on the web: from YouTube to Facebook, from the website to the content sponsorship tools.

For our writers it is enough to get to the heart of your company reality, to know your offer and that's it ... or rather, the video is done!

Corporate Videos

How is made a corporate video?

We like to get into the heart of things before representing them at their best. That's why our best practice in the production of corporate videos is to meet the customers first and let them tell their story. Then we make a brief and we develop a scrpit. From the approval phase onwards, our video makers will guarantee you useful video material for corporate events, fairs, advertising in cinemas, local and national TV and, last but not least, the internet in all its forms.

A video for every channel

Is there a unique video format for all the channels?

From Tik-Tok to YouTube, from the stories of Instagram and Facebook: the platforms and social networks in which videos are at the center of communication are becoming more and more popular on the web. People want to feel like main actors and are attracted to companies that are leading the world. he creation of a movie or a commercial to be used on the web must absolutely take into account the specific dynamics of each channel, comply with the technical characteristics required, know the tastes of the users who populate it, comply with various regulatory criteria and usability to the public. Each channel is different from the other and there is no single format that fits all instruments. Our team is able to adapt your corporate video to all existing formats on the web, on TV, in the cinema

Why the tree

Our pattern in this case represents the narrative tree that contains the key concept of photography and video. The centuries-old trunk of the history of a brand that is represented through visual narration in all its forms

Photos / Videos

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