Airolo, ValBianca

Business project for the creation of a site, front end - back end

When we met in 2016, there was a single website that communicated both for the municipality and for the ski lifts. The management of Airolo Val Bianca, Mr. Pesciallo and Rinaldi, were looking for a supplier to whom to entrust the task of creating the new website.

During the negotiation phase, after having analyzed the objectives requested by the client, we have transferred to them additional possibilities that would have led that project of a new site to become much more. As often happens, the merits of this evolution go above all to the customer who was able to quickly grasp and apply the opportunities that the web, through our work, would have been able to offer him.

We can only thank a company like this for the trust and for the sense of deep satisfaction it gives us every time we propose something new and useful for their project. We feel we can say, without falling into error, that the Airolo site represents the most important digital road for all of Upper Ticino tourism.


Create a new website that was simple and functional for managers and user friendly for users. A complete restying of graphics and functionalities to facilitate navigation.


Focus on UX in all respects: 360-degree information, services, updates, tickets and everything that a user can look for on a ski resort.


A friendly site both in the back-end and in the front-end. Always up to date with its social wall, direct connection to the weather, an always active webcam on the ski resort. Everything that happens in Airolo is in real time on its new website.
Oragnica Referenze

Airolo Valbianca
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