Aurelio Pagnamenta SA

Adwords Campaigns and Lead Generation

When there are low fruit to harvest!

For 3 years with us, a historic company with a showcase site. We have done nothing but suggest an evolution of the site, not too far from the previous one but accompanied by a correct and essential google campaign in its form, well structured and investment.

Here the rest is done by the reliability, seriousness and experience of our team who is able to transform a lead into a positive and valuable experience for the lucky customers who request their services. We are only at the beginning of a virtuous process that will accompany this beautiful Ticino company towards a path of sure success.

Aurelio Pagnamenta SA


Reorganize the site from a functional point of view and carry out a complete restyling on a graphic and textual level, with the aim of increasing lead generation.


To create a site functional to lead generation. Each page of the site is dedicated to a service and is provided with a form for requesting a quote aimed at the service itself.


A highly performing website, structured on the basis of search and UX dynamics, aimed at facilitating the request for information and contact sent directly to the company through a facilitated path.
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Aurelio Pagnamenta SA
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