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Working in the art sector has always been a privilege for us. Doing it for the Fondazine Braglia made this experience even more unique and inimitable. For this client we have developed the new website, listening to the wise indications of its founder. It is one of those few cases in which we feel we can say that the customer has given more to us than we have been able to give him with the creation of the website. In some cases we would have liked the meetings to never end in order to listen to the stories of the history of the Foundation or the insights relating to the artists present in the collection. This history, the art and the reality of the Braglia Foundation are now part of our cultural background that inspires and nourishes our creativity every day and that makes us the society we are today. It is a real honor to be able to count on culture, art and training to be able to work with originality, professionalism and renewed skills.

Fondazione Braglia


Combining art with the digital world by representing the former with the technological innovation of the latter


Create a structured and creative website, providing the customer with the necessary tools to manage it in the best way


A satisfying and navigable website, user friendly both for the user and for those who populate it with valuable content
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Fondazione Braglia
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