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When they ask you:

Can you show me one of the websites you have made?

We often, among many others, show the Vismara site. Because?
The request that came to us from this client was unique and challenging at the same time as it arose from the need of the two young Vismara brothers to attract young people and apprentices who would like to work in their sector. Apparently, the waste sector is not very attractive for a young person who has to start his career, so we started asking them questions to get useful and functional answers to our understanding of the dynamics that a young person could bring. to think about pursuing a career path with them.

First of all, Vismara is a historic company in the canton, with years of experience and expertise behind it. A training and cutting-edge company, which has made this profession a sort of mission and philosophy of life and business. We therefore immediately understood that we should have offered them a website that we would dare to call ""rock"", with a green-oriented communication and a practical explanation of why it is good to dispose of waste in a certain way, thus giving a series of indirect reasons to their potential clientele. The results obtained in terms of positioning on google and in terms of social visibility, today, represent for us a very important case hostory for this sector in Canton Ticino… and beyond.

Vismara & Co. SA


Reorganization and restyling of the site to accompany users in finding information, avoiding them having to resort to direct contact with the company even for simple service information.


Create a site equipped with all the information tools, with a page dedicated to individual services and materials disposed of by the company.


Each page of the site has been designed as if it were a real landing page complete with all the necessary information and a contact form for requesting the services offered by the company.
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Vismara & Co. SA
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