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Tell the value of your brand with YouTube campaigns


Advertising through videos: emotion and brand awareness

We are a web marketing agency with a social imprint. This allows us to meet and overcome the challenges proposed by unconventional advertising platforms such as YouTube.

In our Lugano office we take care of the management of Google Ads mobile campaigns and design solutions that will increase the value of your brand and your product or service, showing it to a selected audience.

If you are curious about how we do it, contact us and we will show you some examples that will impress you.

How does it work

How do YouTube campaigns work?

YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the net. Google Ads provides advertisers with the ability to sponsor their videos both within search results, as well as a preload of other videos. Being able to get noticed and attract the attention of target users is our greatest skill. Ask us for an appointment and find out how we go about it!


Can I target YouTube campaigns?

The are many targeting possibilities. Reaching a particular audience with impactful videos can be profitable, especially as far as return of image is concerned. Entrusting the management of YouTube advertising to Organica also means having professional advice on the type of videos to use, as well as a strategy to follow according to your core business.


What kind of performance can I get out of a video?

A message spread through a video is often far more effective and immediate than a text ad. However, it's necessary to optimally manage advertising on YouTube, in order to make it appear in suitable market contexts.


How long should a video last to be effective?

Sponsored videos that work best on YouTube are generally short, between 30 seconds and 1 minute, and have a certain viral nature about them. Advertising on YouTube should therefore combine business with pleasure, highlighting your brand while having fun. Difficult but not impossible.

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