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Be at the very top to be the only one! You'll always be the first on search engines with us.


Make sure your website is the first one to be found!

When it comes to the best SEO strategy, a consulation with us will allow you to have a complete view and understanding of all aspects involved, which are critically important for everything to work perfectly well.

Positioning in search engines, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), consists in placing a website among the top results on a Google page or another search engine, thus making it highly competitive in terms of business and visibility.

SEO optimization works on the basis of the most interesting keywords for potential conversion. When optimizing a website, the right selection of keywords is crucial, which consists in identifying the semantic fields on which to work in terms of visibility on search engines. Given that it's a fundamental aspect in order for an SEO strategy to be a success, Organica takes particular care during this phase.


How can I guarantee the effectiveness of keywords?

As part of any web marketing strategy or website optimization, our keyword selection work is not exclusively preliminary. Constant monitoring and statistical analysis is carried out on all keywords selected as 'primary', as well as on other potentially interesting keywords, in order to verify the effectiveness of the strategy undertaken and constantly refine the choices made. Contact us to find out more.


How important are keywords for SEO

Positioning in search engines is not the only area in which the right choice of keywords is essential. It is also important in other online promotion strategies, such as in the creation of pay-per-click ad campaigns in Google (Google Ads ). We at Organica use the most advanced IT tools to carry out extremely accurate keyword searches at any time.

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