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Your online store, with a customized CMS

Selling online is the business that today is able to broaden the prospects and turnover of companies globally. But obtaining concrete results is not as simple as it seems in the absence of an e-commerce where all users who become part of the shopping experience through your web marketing activity can converge. Organica offers sites that have an edge over those built with open source platforms such as Magento and Prestashop.

We like to optimize and customize the e-commerce we deal with, we make them fast to load and also usable on mobile. The creation of an optimized e-commerce site is the antechamber of visibility on search engines.

Come and visit us and you will be able to meet our project managers and get advice on which is the best structure for the online store or the web analysts who will be able to tell you how to track every single phase of your user's purchase journey.

Attract and persuade

How to attract and persuade visitors to your e-commerce?

When creating an e-commerce site it is essential to devote the utmost care to all the aspects that make it up, from the technical to the aesthetic ones. he functionality of the site and its visibility must be the objectives to be pursued from the design stage. Persuasive and captivating aesthetics must be the main driver in the choice of images, texts and graphics. Giving a simple and sensational shopping experience is the trump card of your e-commerce and, without a doubt, of your online business.


Can I get a large return on investment from my e-commerce?

In addition to the technical and aesthetic aspect, a well-structured e-commerce site also takes into account SEO (Search Engine Optimization) dynamics and the requirements for launching Google Ads campaigns. In this sense, strategic flexibility and the adoption of variable tactics for the promotion of e-commerce are the essential characteristics on which we base the design and development of e-commerce for online sales. If you think the products or services you offer deserve more than the usual pre-built e-commerce that floats online without making a profit, then contact us!


What characteristics must have an e-commerce?

To develop the e-commerce of your dreams and give the user a sensational shopping experience, you must make sure that your site is: unique, with a personalized style, recognizable and consistent with your corporate image; responsive, that is usable and clearly visible from all devices and on all operating systems; social, insert the direct link to your social pages and engage users in your world. But is not enough. A successful e-commerce must also be technically functional, easy, fast and secure both for those who manage it and for those who browse it.

Open source or custom

Do you want an open source or a custom website?

If you don't know the answer, talk to us and we will help you choose the best solution for your website. Our developers are able to create highly customized sites, designed according to the customer's needs, safe and stable. But they can also rely on open source platforms such as WordPress that allow you to create sites that can be continuously updated and improved. In Organica we can satisfy all your needs, respecting the budget you have and focusing on the highest quality level.

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