Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Social network strategy and management

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others are now part of everyone's daily life and have become the main tool for information, entertainment and communication.

But have you ever thought that they can be your strenght in the relationship with the customer? The added value that will allow you to establish a continuous and trusting relationship with him?

If you see it from this point of view, social media are a great opportunity for web marketing: they are able to increase your visibility exponentially but, at the same time, they leave you to the immediate judgment of users and for this reason they must be managed with great care and awareness, as we know how to do!

Don't have a social media channel or do you have the wrong person that manages it? We are the solution you were looking for!

Time is money

Do you run a business and don't have the time to manage your social accounts?

"Time is money" is not just a saying but a fact, especially for Facebook. A well managed page is essential to make a good first impression on users and to conquers them once they are interested in you and your brand. it is not necessary to be on all social networks without distinction but to make the most of those that represent a point of reference for your ideal target. Together with us you will be able to identify the best strategy to adopt on the right channels for your business. We offer you the strategic management or co-management of your social accounts.

Dedicated Team

Are you a large company and need support for your team?

Not all companies can afford an internal team totally dedicated to social media marketing: we can help you get the best out of your resources thanks to strategic support and optimal coordination of your resources. We organize training courses in office and consultancy via Skype; we work hand in hand with your marketing department and we can offer hourly blocks for post editing, campaign management and graphics creation.

Why the hive?

A complex structure, made of small interconnected cells within which bees operate with synchronous and coordinated movements, with a single common purpose. So social networks represent the connected and reticular cells through which the communication activity of the Brands who want to approach and interact with the industrious bees of the web is untangled: users.

Social Media Marketing

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