Campaign management

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Social Media Marketing

The social network that walks step by step with you from the first contact with the customer to conversion.

Questionable or not, Facebook is now a concrete and indispensable reality also for the commercial activity of companies around the world. This makes correct management of on-page communication and related advertising campaigns even more important. On social media, it is essential to always have a communication strategy aimed at fan engagement and loyalty. Relying on an agency that can identify and manage the best strategy for your company is certainly the best choice you can make.

In Organica we are not only experts in managing Facebook pages but also in creating Facebook Ads campaigns with ads to promote your page and your products. We know how to listen to customers, meet their needs and speak their language to propose your solutions. Facebook has no secrets for us: experience on successful projects and continuous training allow our team to have the right combination of competence and innovation.

Whatever is your request, such as managing the Facebook page, attracting new potential customers, creating a contest, an app or a campaign to launch your Brand, contact Organica for a professional consultancy. We have the best project managers in Lugano, prepared from a strategic and management point of view, expert programmers and always updated on the new Facebook rules.

B2B or B2C?

How do I choose the channel on which to do my campaign?

Are you a B2B or a B2C? What is your market sector? What products or services do you offer to your customers? There are many questions to ask yourself before choosing the ideal channels for the launch of your advertising campaigns. From Facebook to Instagram, to Youtube, from LinkedIn to Google Ads: There are many available channels and all are potentially very effective but it is essential to have a coherent and well-studied communication strategy based on your business objectives and the target to whom you want to contact.

Effective tool

What is remarketing and what is it for?

It is a very useful and effective "tool" for optimizing the results obtained with the digital marketing activity previously started. A perfect solution for e-commerce and corporate sites and for the acquisition of online contacts to be used on social networks and for the newsletter. Remarketing offers the possibility to display their advertisements to users who have already visited the site or interacted with the social pages of your brand and, for this, are highly profiled. What does this type of activity actually mean? Talk to us and we will show it to you.


Do you need support for advertising campaigns?

Advertising campaigns require maximum attention to detail and a strong critical sense in the setting and target definition phase. With the right experience, the tools are used in the right way to obtain maximum performance from their efficiency. Don't let tools dominate you and your investment: rely on us to manage your advertising campaigns and to organize your digital communication with a view to a high return on investment.

Facebook investment

Do you want to optimize your Facebook investment?

Facebook's initial promise was to build customer loyalty through continuous dialogue, sharing and interaction. Today this social network looks even higher and allows you not only to retain him, but also to accompany him on a pleasant and spontaneous purchase path. It is not difficult to understand that an unprofessional approach is able to decree the failure not only of your social strategy but also of your business. Our experts are ready to provide you with support to increase your business with the utmost competence in managing your campaigns.

Do you want to carry out your new project?

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