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Fun, competition and involvement: in these three words is condensed all the success of a contest. In our web agency we organize and manage online sweepstakes for companies of all sizes and we know how to transform the more boring and difficult to decline services and products into creative ideas. The social side of our company is in fact very marked. A social contest, a prize operation or a real online competition are our daily bread: we know the bureaucratic quibbles that hide behind these kind of initiatives and we have secure and certified hosting to avoid any hitch. Since we are talking about contests, test us, and contact us immediately.


How can I upgrade my online database?

Sweepstakes have experienced a real boom after the birth of social media. The easy-going social atmosphere is the perfect setting for prize operations or fun games. It is a new method of relating to the customer, which certainly cannot be approached with improvised methods. Online contests involve stringent regulations that you are often not aware of: if you contact our agency you will not only have creative advice, but also clear support for all laws regarding competitions. As for the final objectives, every company knows the importance of having a new and updated database: a targeted prize competition is the fastest way to achieve this intent.

Ready to go

Ready to go contest

There are profound differences between the various countries in terms of regulations, just think of the mechanics allowed, the tax system, management costs or bureaucracy. Organica puts you in a position to tackle the bureaucratic procedures for international competitions. In collaboration with specialized partners, we take care of the realization of every aspect of the promotions. We have all the means to notify the winnings and we can offer a logistics service for the delivery of prizes and for the recovery of the documentation necessary for the closing of the contest.

All under control

What is the cost of a contest?

Our agency has certified servers for online competitions: a requirement often overlooked by businesses, but required by regulations countersigned by lawyers. We also have long-standing partnerships with notary firms and lawyers specialized in compiling and verifying regulations. What we offer you is a real turnkey package, from the analysis of the creative possibilities applicable to your products to the bureaucratic and technical aspect.


Can an international contest be held?

Are you thinking of expanding the boundaries of your initiatives? Our team meets your needs by organizing also abroad online contests. In an increasingly global market, it is not so infrequent to organize contests and prize operations in other European or even extra-European countries. By collaborating with local partners, we put our expertise and experience in international contests at your complete disposal.

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