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Maximize your ROI: Observe your website users and interpret their behaviours in order to optimize your strategy

Web Analytics

From absolute data to performance optimization

Google Analytics is a tool developed by Google; the most popular among search engines. It allows you to obtain and analyze a huge amount of data from websites. This tool can be considered a professional basis for those who work in web marketing, in the same way as an artisan's table is fundamental.

For any type of website, from classic company websites to portal ones, from theme-based blogs to e-commerce, Google Analytics' analysis and monitoring service is essential for developing clients' visibility and business in an effective and long-lasting way.

Our web agency provides precise and functional consultations, which goes beyond simply collecting numerical data - we also interpret and insert them into an overall strategy in order to optimize performance and results.


What is Google Analytics data used for?

By means of precise tracking, Google Analytics is able to confirm whether the undertaken strategies are effective or not. At the same time, it allows for constant refinement of optimizations. In order to get the most out of this Google tool, you have to be in full knowledge, experienced and professional when using it: Our team at Organica is highly skilled when it come to statistics - we can guarantee such web Analytics consultations.


What data does Google Analytics provide?

Google Analytics provides a huge amount of statistics: from the simplest and most generic of data, such as the number of daily visits and the most visited pages of any given site, to more specialized indicators, such as bounce rates, user behaviour on pages, or the progress of investments in advertising promotions, the filling in of contact forms, the downloading of pdfs, and other worthy objectives.

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