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From web analytics, to web marketing strategies

A good web marketing strategy does not follow pre-established standards but instead uses all skills in the industry to customize a project, which is based on the business sector, the target audience and corporate identity.

One of the key skills needed for a strategic approach to web marketing is the ability to use analytical intelligence to detect whether the marketing actions implemented on a website or landing page are really working. The aim is to carry out any corrective meausures or follow a specific strategy in order to optimize performance.

In this regard, constant monitoring is extremely important, which is why we have chosen the best tracking and web analytics experts.

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Data analysis

What are Web Analytics statistics for?

Web analytics analyses are very important in the world of web marketing and website optimization. Web Analytics tools are crucial for many reasons. Above all, the large amount of statistics they are able to provide allows us to measure the extent to which the optimizations performed are effective. Also, these data allow analysts to take actions in order to improve a website's quality and visibility, as well as conversions.

Because it is important

Why is monitoring so important?

We provide a complete web analytics consultancy service by taking care of monitoring and attending to precise optimizations. Contact us for a quote and an initial consultation - you'll get a real feel for the skills engaged by our web analytics experts.


What is the role of sources in web marketing?

A strategic factor of fundamental importance is distinguishing sources that bring sales or contacts from useless ones. The tracking of objectives and sources is the main task of every web marketing activity - We use the most modern and efficient analysis tools, which guarantee extremely detailed website reports.

Know the data

What kind of data can I obtain with Web Analytics?

A lot of data can be obtained thanks to web analytics tools. The most basic of data, such as the number of daily visits and geographic origin, do not require special knowledge when analysing them. Other data, on the other hand, need a staff of analysts that can interpret them correctly. Our agency has the best Google Analytics experts in Canton Ticino who know what it takes to change numbers into rules and advice about design, which lead to concrete and tangible improvements.

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