Consultancy / Preventive Analysis

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Consultancy / Preventive Analysis

Are you a freelancer and do you need a website to communicate your skills?

You are the first that should invest on you! Stand out from the crowd. In an increasingly inflated market it is essential to devote time, resources and energy to a representative and original communication that makes you recognizable from the widespread mediocrity that invades the web.

You don't have time to dedicate yourself to this, but do you recognize its importance? Do you know that to acquire new customers you must also communicate with them through your website? To do this, it is important to have extensive experience in the field and a good dose of creativity.

Our team works in a multifaceted way on the graphic design, the production of content and the organization of the functional page for its optimization. These are all aspects that we treat in a synergistic way.

Only in this way you will be able to guarantee your brand a graphically consistent and captivating website that translates into an actual contact request from your prospect. Contact us and we will help you to fulfill your dream!


Can I manage my content by myself?

Through simple and functional CMS it is possible to manage, change and update independently the contents on the website and on the blog without necessarily having technical IT knowledge. But the importance of the content should not be underestimated, which must be thought of according to very specific dynamics that dominate the world of web marketing. This is why we not only offer the website development service but also a complete advice on the validity of the project, its implementation and the best way to communicate on the web.

Custom website

How important is it to have a custom website?

For us, creating websites is a real passion, we never decline the creation of a website, even if it is a simple page. Our best practice is to propose two solutions: optimization for search engines and the presence of a dynamic section such as news and blog, in order to make your site informative and always updated. We do not make simple copies of your website but we propose a real restyling and technical evolution, without distancing ourselves too much from the preferences of the users who have visited it, in this way it will always remain visible and consistent with the perception of your users.


Not sure how useful is a blog?

The blog is a moment of sharing between your Brand and your customers: tell about your values, address issues of interest to you and your target audience, inform about current topics in your business sector. Thinking that it is a simple page to be updated periodically is incorrect. The blog is different from traditional websites and follows very particular characteristics that deserve a meticulous attention to content and keywords. It is as important as that friend who introduces you to the woman of your life and then lets you conquer her.

Feasibility analysis

Do you want to sell online but need a feasibility analysis?

Have you tried to check the traffic volumes related to your business? In Switzerland, and in other countries, more than 70% of users abandon the purchase process because they consider the checkout step too complex. This indicates that the User Experience is really very important. If you are not convinced that the experience that users have now on your website is one of the best, then entrust us with the development of your new e-commerce and optimize your business on the web!

Do you want to carry out your new project?

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