Digital Marketing Audit

Perception and positioning: keywords for the digital success of your Brand


Listen to what users think of you and take action to be one step ahead of your competitors

Today's users are not standard consumers - they are more aware and informed than ever: a strategy that fails to take this fact into account is destined to go wrong. A best practice to prevent this from happening is to always ask yourself what perception users have of your Brand, as well as where and how they come into contact with it on the web, and its positioning compared to competitors.

A complete and periodic audit in digital marketing is essential in order to get a clear, complete and comprehensive picture of your company presence on the web and on social media. It also allows you to carry out corrective actions to your strategy and to constantly improve it in order to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

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The right strategy

How do you analyse your Brand's positioning on the web?

The best strategy to implement is to carry out quantitative analyses regarding the behaviour of competitors and users towards your Brand's social and web communication. We can study the number of posts published, interactions, clicks on links and visits to the website. To complete the quantitative analysis, it is important to take into consideration the qualitative aspects that identify the perception that users have of your Brand; which subject matters provoke positive or negative feelings in your users towards your company? In so doing, it'll possible to define the right ways of communication to develop, as well as those that need to be corrected.

Stakeholders and KPIs

What factors have to be considered?

There are several stakeholders and several KPIs to consider when conducting a digital marketing audit. First and foremost, it's vital to identify and study the specific target, which the products and/or services of your business offer to. Secondly, it is essential to carry out a competitor analysis, as well as an analysis of the dynamics that characterize the reference market. Last but not least, it's really important to study the social and territorial aspects with the aim of outlining the risks and business opportunities by cross-referencing all the data collected.

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