Content migration

Make your site more attractive, without sacrificing ranking position


Transfer or renovate your site without risking loss of visibility on search engines

When restyling a site, a particular aspect of the optimization process is often considered secondary: Content migration.

Migration is a techincal SEO modality, which takes care of the transfer of various content and single pages to a new URL. Overlooking the correct migration methods to adopt for search engines means suffering very quick drops in traffic. Recovering lost traffic is then tricky, as there are so many variables that come into play.

At Organica, we have a portfolio of sites that we have carried out migration services for, which correctly redirected users (and Google) to pages of the new version corresponding to the old content. Content migration also involves the storage and movement of database data; we are experts in this regard, which is fundamental for the restructuring of a site. Using simple words, we've tried to explain a delicate and complex process.

If you need further explanations and wish to receive a consultation about SEO migration, contact us - we'll be more than happy to help you maintain and improve your webite's visibility.

Maintain positioning

Can I restyle my website without losing my ranking position?

A restyling process must also include migration activities and consultation. Even a simple migration from http to https can upset a website's ranking position if not done properly. The damage done by careless restyling is huge. First and foremost, users may find themselves clicking on URLs that take them to error pages.


Can changing a URL cause damage to my website?

Changing a URL without carefully-constructed redirects leads to a drop in ranking; pages that were originally well-positioned disappear from search engines. If these pages are linked by trustworthy sites, they bring benefit to the site's visibility; each relevant link is like a good grade that benefits the page. Without a correct redirect this link juice step is lost.

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